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Discover The Secrets Of Financial Breakthrough With The Elite Proposition Method & The Subjective Spirit Of Christ

With This New Idea The Elite Proposition Domination Method You Bring In A Flood Of New Payments With Evergreen Traffic That Doesn’t Stop

From: Justin Allen Hammonds. To: You If You’re Deadly Serious About Reaching Your Financially Goals. Dear Serious Entrepreneur,


What if there was a way to eliminate competition and bank $14,997, $3,497, $997, $997, $497 payments from the comfort of your home would you want to know more about it?

Are you currently struggling to generate leads and sales because no one seems to notice your business?

I mean you write blog posts, you prospect people, you do as you’re told but it’s not seeming to work out for you.

How would it feel to you to securely swallow $14,997 in a 60 minute phone call?

In this report I’m going to teach you the Elite Proposition Domination Method and how you can score new payments without paying for ads using evergreen lead strategies.

So this means this method will…

  • Eliminate Failure with a scientific route to success
  • Eat up and berry competition even if no one has heard of you before
  • Finally generate the leads and traffic you’ve always desired but found so hard to obtain through normal marketing methods.

There’s a big problem with the normal marketing methods being taught online.  With normal marketing methods you’re stuck wishing and hoping you get traffic and sales, and you don’t have a dependle method to do work and results come out.

You may have tried things like Running Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, Google Adwords, PPC, PPV, CPV, Banners and all of these “methods” leave you more broke and frustrated than before you started.

But what if you could find a way to get leads to chase you while simultaneously differentiating yourself so all you have to do is be you and you gain trust, communication, then payment.

See this is the problem with other methods being taught.  You may have been taught, “Start a high ticket coaching program.”

But your first question is how do I do that, who will buy, am I good enough.

You hear about network marketers who’ve recruited 100+ reps and you dream about being able to bring people into your business.  You wish you had the secret the “power” to do the same thing.

But Why Does Everything Work For Everybody Else But You Can’t Seem To Find Your Groove

I was like you once.  I struggled to make anything to live on online.  I had hard times with my relationship with God that caused me to feel unloved, unwanted, and uncared for.

I remember waking up dreading punishment for another day of no financial freedom.  Bill collectors calling, warrents out for my arrest because of past due bills, the pain of aubile schizophrenia and believing I was condemned.

I’ve suffered tremendously because I wasn’t able to break free financially and gain freedom.  Everywhere I looked there was somebody or something attempting to take my freedom.

I thought it was the cigarettes or the weed maybe the beer I had this morning, but none of these things trapped me.  I was living in fear because of how I was raised.  I was taught rich people are mean, and a man like me could never be rich.

I was 30 at home drawing disability SSI praying to God I didn’t have to live my life poor.

But everyday I studied, I gained wisdom, and I learned that God loved me.  I was hearing some of the meanest rude things in this audible voice, but deep down inside I knew something wasn’t right.  I knew God had a better plan for me.

He couldn’t want me to go through my entire life with nothing.  I didn’t own a car or house not even a dog, and all my clothes were hand me downs other people didn’t want.

So I did something most people would never think to do when faced with financial difficulty I invested in my education.

Take a look here at all the product bought in just this one account:

Still more in another account.

Dozens more on clickbank, warrior plus, udemy, and private members download pages and members areas all in an all out search to crack the wealth code and live my dream life.

It wasn’t until I figured my 3 step financial strategy that I was able to free myself from this hell that has given to me into the heaven of peace and salvation.

I went on for years with my head down grining to be a business success until I found this.  What I found was the Elite Prosisition Domination Method that allowed me to effortlessly persuade people to trust me without being overly salesy or pushy.

So What Is The Elite Proposition Domination Method And How You Can Apply It To Start Make $197, $497, $997, $3,497, $14,997 Sales

First let me tell you what the Elite Proposition Domination Method is not.

It’s not…

Get rich sleasy, where you don’t do anything sit on your but and pray real hard to God hands you money.  If you’re building your business on the mindset of, “Well I’ll just do nothing and the money will come,” then you have a long road ahead for you.  But tell me this, how long are you going to continue to take that beating before you do something.

It’s not pay $1 and make $3 back, or some other loophole.  Paid traffic is great and it has it’s place but honestly how do you expect to run an ad and make $3 for every $1 without training.  Marketers promote paid ads as if they will just fix all problems, but for most people paid ads are very unprofitable and destroy confidence when you don’t have the Elite Proposisition Domination Method In Place.

It doesn’t have anything to do with traffic at all, but when you use it you effortlessly gain new traffic, leads, and sales because you have a unique advantage that no other marketer has.  This slices competition and makes them irrelevant.

It’s not endless recruiting and building a huge downline.  Recruiting can become a job, and it’s only high paying when your team duplicates, but it can be frustrating when you work hard for the week and your mlm check is $4.  Wow! $4!  Thanks major mlm company you treated me so well.  Most of your team does nothing and quits and this effects your residual income.  I played this game and residual income leads you to paycheck to paycheck just like a job.  If you want a better residual income system that will pay you for life regardless if you build a business then listen up because I’m going to show you how you can get it.

It’s not write a blog post and publish without traffic.  Using the Elite Proposition Domination Method you will never worry about traffic because you’ll be the go to expert in your field.  A recognized leader to your nation, and you’ll start your own movement a real cause that get’s heard.

So now that I’ve ruled out what the Elite Proposition Domination Method is not you may be wondering what is it and how can it effect your business and income dramatically.

The Elite Proposition Domination Method Is Used Successfully By Major Companies

An example is World’s Strongest Librarian.  Here’s their site:

Notice they say, Get Stronger, Get Smarter, Live Better every day.  This simple little slogan is the driving force behind their successful business.  Looking at it you may not realize how easy this secret is to grasp, but it’s right there in front of your face.

So simply put it’s this… You’re Elite Proposition has to be something unique, new, and relevant about YOU.

Simply put you can’t survive online without being an expert, and the quickest way to be perceived as an expert is when you introduce a revelation, hunch, or creative angle to what you market.

See with Your Elite Proposition you barely talk about your product, but instead you reveal a hidden benefit to your reader that magnetically arouses desire in them to do business with you and only you.

See this attraction and desire your prospect feels is not a choice, it’s physicological.  It’s a strategic mechanism that draws visitors in you sells them on you without you having to jump through hoola hoops drawing circles on whiteboards, “If you get 3 and they get 3” or “Just 20 sales a week” or “how many times have you talked to your family 14, well you’re being chicken let’s hit em up again until they buy our $50 distributor kit and we can get them going.”

Now I don’t say this to say mlm is a bad business.  I’m just saying this…

When You Know Something Doesn’t Work Why Do It?

It’s not your fault.  You’ve been told be your favorite marketer (before me I’m taking their spot btw) that you have to run Facebook Ads, just go take action, get out there and try, but why try if you know your system is faulty.

If what you’re doing hasn’t worked until now I want you to stop, take a step back, and re-evaluate your options.  Why continue paying month after month year after year chasing a dream you yourself don’t even believe in anymore.

I mean you see it everyday, and you know it can’t be that hard to do.  You think, “Hey I could put up a webpage and write some articles,” “I could reach out to people on social media who follow me and strike up a conversation till I gain a lead.”

You know what to do, but you don’t know how to do it until now

The Exact Steps In The Elite Proposition Domination Method

This new method is proven, it doesn’t take a lot of time to do, and it makes marketing easy because you can be yourself instead of sales man #2,000,0000.

You’ve seen enough of sales people pounding their way into your life, and you might be thinking… “If I have to do that to be successful online then I don’t want to do it.”

And that’s cool.  You’re honest you have an ideal business in your mind, but you just can’t seem to connect with how to manifest this dream.

So I’m going to tell you how… Right here in this report, and I’m going to make it easy.

How to apply the Elite Proposition Domination Method.

Step #1: Connect with Subjective Christ.  This is a new phenomenon that most Christian pastors are afraid to teach and most gullible Christians don’t believe.  They think God is after them, with a record of wrongs just waiting to throw them out of heaven.  Then when an unbeliever goes to church he/she is met with teachings of how to wash yourself and love God more before He murders you.  See subjective Christ is much different than that subjective Christ means God the Father, Son, & Spirit are under your dominion.  This means you have full control over God spirit it is subjective for your enjoyment.  This means God inteends for you to enjoy life, and not run around do a million missions, or “good works” in order to earn your “crown”.  This whole nonsense about Christ wants you to deny self self mastery is when you know your inner Christ. When you accept yourself as your loving Father accepts you.

What If There Was Something Better Than A Business Instead The Freedom Of Banking system

A way to keep your money and make it work for you. So you instead of you working painful dreadful and non stop.

The Elite Propisition Domination Method Allows You To Shine bright without being hidden.

Why because when you educate and give useful content that involves your potential partner in a process that assists instead of negatively Manipulate the same nation that trusts you.